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Marriage is an everlasting life that not only bonds two loving souls but also two families. In this grand occasion, emotion, fun, tears, blush, food, droll, all such happy moments and minute nuances are enjoyed. Such a wedding needs a skilled photography team to shoot every moment naturally in order to pass down the happiness and nostalgia to their descendants. Wedding photography is an inevitable add-on in everyone’s marriage to keep the wedding memories always green. Mayz Media Creations is a starring photography and videography crew from Kerala, who stands top in capturing from still wedding photos to wedding movies with their exceptional talent. The Wedding is a new day for both bride and groom, so capturing every moment and movement is quite necessary. Nowadays a Pre-wedding shoot is an integral part of the wedding. We, Mayz Media Creations are providing impeccable services in Fun Beach, conservative style, Rural countryside Pre-wedding shoots. Our creative ideas and perfe

Give Magic To Photos With Candid Photography

A wedding is a special event for everyone. Capture all the beautiful moments for that special day with Mayz Media Creation in Thrissur. Mayz Media Creation in Thrissur is well known for the best Wedding Photographers in Kerala. They are the leaders in event management and  candid Photography in Thrissur.  Capture all your Happiness, joy, laughter, emotions, rituals, colors, traditions naturally for that beautiful day with  candid Photography by Mayz Media Creation  in Thrissur. Why Choose Candid Photography When a photo is captured without creating a posed appearance is called a Candid Photograph. Always the best and real emotions can be captured with  Candid Photography. The term candid itself means ‘caught unaware’ which require no preparation or posing by the person as the emotion itself is magnificent enough to be captured. How to achieve Candid Photography A Candid Photography can be achieved in a number of ways like, when the subject is in motion, by avoiding any